In Como, special places where seeing the sunrise or sunset by bike becomes magical.

Already a normal place visited at sunrise or sunset becomes special, but if a place is already special then the experience becomes magical.

If waking up early is not a problem, we suggest some places near Como where the sunrise really gives its best, and reachable by bike.

Lake of Pusiano

Lake of Pusiano it is a real palette of colors, the one that can be observed from the shores of Lake Pusiano, located in the Parco della Valle del Lambro and fed by the river of the same name, which upstream takes the name of Lambrone. The lake, of glacial origin, with an area of 5.2 kmĀ² and a maximum depth of 27 m, recurs in the works of numerous artists such as Parini, Monti, Porta, Manzoni, Stendhal and the painter Segantini, who described its beauty. Inside there is the small Island of Cypresses, privately owned, which houses a private villa surrounded by splendid vegetation and many animals, such as squirrels, swans, mallards and kangaroos. Reachable by boat from the Bosisio pier, the island can only be visited in certain periods of the year, upon reservation.
after dawn, stopping for breakfast in one of the bars located on the panoramic Via Mazzini in Pusiano is priceless.

Mount Crocione (Tremezzina)

Monte Crocione for mountain lovers, is a destination where the sunrise is definitely breathtaking and opens the view to the two branches of the lake, up to Bellagio. 1641 meters high, the Crocione is part of the Tremezzo mountain chain and directly overlooks the Lario, behind Menaggio. Its salient feature is the large oblique fault that cuts the eastern and partially northern slopes. Below this rocky conformation is the ancient military route of the Cadorna Line, the defensive line built between 1916 and 1917 from the Aosta Valley to the border with Trentino, whose goal was to prevent any passage of the German troops from Switzerland to Milan
If you are a trained cyclist, try your hand at the climb starting from Croce, above Menaggio. The trails are in excellent condition and have no dangerous points, but the difference in altitude (1255 meters) and the length of the itinerary (15.5 km) will test your endurance. There are no shelters and springs along the route, so leave well equipped with food and water. It will be hard work, but it will be worth it.

Village of Argegno

The ancient medieval village of Argegno, with its ancient stone houses built close to each other, is crossed by the mouth of the Telo river, called Telo d’Argento, which divides it into two parts connected by a sixth stone bridge acute of very ancient construction. At one time, the village was part of the defensive system that served to obstruct the passage of the invaders, but its origin is clearly Roman. Its location is splendid, inside a bay in a panoramic position, which enjoys a wonderful view of the lake, where the sunrise colors the water in a spectacular way, after sunrise, take the cable car that connects the town of Argegno to the municipality of Pigra, where it is possible to admire the view from one of the most beautiful terraces of the Como Prealps. The small town of Pigra also offers unexpected historical and cultural beauties and is the starting point for excursions to Mount Galbiga and Alpe di Colonno.

Village of Brunate

Brunate is certainly one of the places where you can admire an unforgettable sunrise, also known as “The living room of the Alps”. you can get there by bike, or by funicular taking your bike with you.
On clear days, in fact, it is possible to distinctly see the entire western Alpine arc, from which Monte Rosa stands out, in addition to the Po Valley, the Apennines and even the skyscrapers of Milan. Always a holiday destination for the ancient Como and Milanese nobility, here there are some splendid villas in perfect Art Nouveau style, still visible today in via Pissarottino. Also worth visiting is the 1935 Campari Fountain, one of the last 3 left in Italy.
If you arrive before the sun rises, you will have time to see the beams of white, red and green light with which the Volta Lighthouse illuminates Como and the valley at night.
Built in 1927 on a project by the engineer Gabriele Giussani in the San Maurizio locality of Brunate, the Volta Lighthouse, a 29-meter octagonal tower, is a gift from Como to the genius of its citizen Alessandro Volta, 100 years after his death

Mount Cornizzolo

Monte Cornizzolo is 1240 meters high with a soft and sweet profile, located on the south-eastern edge of the Larian Triangle. From its top, where the famous cross is located, but also from numerous points of its slopes, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Prealps, Brianza and its lakes, the plain and down, up to the Apennines, with the possibility of seeing and photographing the sunrise from many different angles.
If the thrill of dawn is not enough, the Aero Club Monte Cornizzolo will let you experience the thrill of paragliding or hang gliding, even in tandem.