About me

My Passion for Cycling

Hi, my name is Annabella Stropparo, i don’t consider myself a champion, I consider myself first of all a housewife and a mother, mother of a beautiful young woman: Vittoria. I was born in 1968 in bassano del grappa, not far from Venice, and my passion for cycling quickly lead to more than 800 victories and 18 national titles as a pro between cyclocross and MTB people that know me well, though, know that I don’t like to brag, I like to keep all that including my participation at the 1996 Atlanta Olimpics kinda private. Apart of course italian, I speak english since I had to learn in the hard way when back in the days I was racing for Volvo Cannondale in the States 1994/2001 my love for cycling is still really strong and I recently decided to combine my passion with an opportunity to share the beauty of my cycling routes with cyclist allover the world. Thanks to a friend that has a cycling touring business I started guiding in 2010.

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